90s Flashback. 2020 Weight Loss Goals

Disclaimer: I apologize ahead of time for the 90s throwback flashbacks. LOL. During the holidays, I was reminiscing over family photos of me during my college years, in my 20s. I don’t know what weight I was but I know I wore about a size 8/10 or 10/12. I always joke saying I would like to get back down to my “college fighting weight”, but really I feel like that was when I was my cutest. So in 2020, as I navigate my mid-40s, what I believe to be my 2nd cutest era, I vow to strive to get my body to match my perceived cuteness level that I’ve achieved with my hair and makeup after years in my 30s of some very bad hair days and outfits. I want to be at my optimal health going towards 50, which is coming fast. So 2020 will be the year I fight for my fighting weight so I can continue to fight through my 50s and 60s and beyond. #HappyNewYear #GetItTogether #FocusAndFight #CollegeWeight #40AndOver #WeightLossGoals #NewYearsResolutions #TrackingAndSnacking #JustDoIt #PeaceAndBlessings

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